Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Red Band Trailer

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The Mortal Kombat movie reboot from director Simon McQuoid features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants.

This red band Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer shows off why it's rated R.

Mortal Kombat movie release date April 16, 2021.


  1. Soh Baven
    Soh Baven
    Menit Yang lalu


  2. Prediksi Mr. popo
    Prediksi Mr. popo
    3 menit yang lalu

    Mantap joe taslim kereenn banget

  3. Duke
    5 menit yang lalu


    1. A Rivera
      A Rivera
      Menit Yang lalu

      I just found out earlier today that he says "Toasty!!"

  4. Curton6693
    14 menit yang lalu

    They man sounded like he was about to fall asleep on that GET OVER HERE, but outside of that I'm excited!

  5. Darren Devins
    Darren Devins
    18 menit yang lalu

    Looks deeeecent, but trailers always do could be a pile of wank

  6. Stanok16K20F3
    18 menit yang lalu

    Такое себе, старый каст лучше был.

  7. Cheenaz Achakzai
    Cheenaz Achakzai
    19 menit yang lalu

    I am with lu kang

  8. Humanists Ceylon
    Humanists Ceylon
    21 menit yang lalu

    Sanada ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Frank Wagner
    Frank Wagner
    21 menit yang lalu

    Why are they still making these movies?

    1. A Rivera
      A Rivera
      40 detik yang lalu

      Because there is and always will be a demand for it.

    2. Yosef beyene
      Yosef beyene
      10 menit yang lalu


  10. NoName
    23 menit yang lalu


  11. Kurai
    26 menit yang lalu

    Cool and all but the 90’s movie can’t be beaten

  12. Cr Day
    Cr Day
    26 menit yang lalu

    I hate that everything comes to HBO Max now, too. Takes away the fun of the theater.

    1. asf Smh
      asf Smh
      24 menit yang lalu

      just go to the theaters lmao, no one's stopping you

  13. B.A
    28 menit yang lalu

    Wheeeeresssss Johnny!?!?

  14. Rizq Akhmad Fauzi
    Rizq Akhmad Fauzi
    30 menit yang lalu

    Joe sub taslim zero

  15. Carlos Blank
    Carlos Blank
    31 menit yang lalu

    "get over here" was so weak 😬

  16. Priya Thakur 143
    Priya Thakur 143
    31 menit yang lalu

    🇮🇳🇮🇳 इस तिरंगे को कौन लाइक करेगा वह जल्दी से ठोको लाइक जय हिन्द जय भारत 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  17. Zusaku
    42 menit yang lalu

    Wolverine: What Kind of Monster Are You? Shingen: The Scorpion

  18. Zephyr Khambatta
    Zephyr Khambatta
    43 menit yang lalu

    I was expecting Liu Kang to have like some muscles but ok... whatever works :) Can't wait!

    1. asf Smh
      asf Smh
      23 menit yang lalu

      pause and look at him at 1:18 when he makes the fireball

  19. Manu
    47 menit yang lalu

    Where is the FATALITY

  20. parodox321
    48 menit yang lalu

    Seeing Raiden brings back memories of Big Trouble in Little China

  21. anothaview
    51 menit yang lalu


  22. Ho Lee Kow
    Ho Lee Kow
    58 menit yang lalu

    Sub Zero: I am Sub Zero. Ben Richards: Now, plain zero! Sub Zero:

  23. brader bundle
    brader bundle
    Jam Yang lalu

    Its been a long wait for this....what a great trailer and movie of coz.... bravo

  24. Hendri Nd
    Hendri Nd
    Jam Yang lalu

    Joe taslim

  25. Free Lounge
    Free Lounge
    Jam Yang lalu

    If this doesn't contain at least one moment where a masked character walks around a modern city and nobody bats an eye, I will eat my mask

  26. MKmobile dunk
    MKmobile dunk
    Jam Yang lalu

    'I'm scorpion" What do you mean? " I'm predatory arachnids"

  27. Evan Vincent
    Evan Vincent
    Jam Yang lalu

    Maybe He's Born with it? What do you mean? Maybe its Maybelline?

  28. Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia
    Jam Yang lalu


  29. Elijah Hill
    Elijah Hill
    Jam Yang lalu

    If the “Cole Young is Scorpion’s son” theory is true, wouldn’t it be crazy if Scorpion died in this movie and Cole takes up the mantle of his father’s legacy by becoming the new Scorpion or is it too wild of an idea?🤯🤯

  30. ren ren
    ren ren
    Jam Yang lalu

    Whos cole? Lol

  31. Alejandro Cardenas
    Alejandro Cardenas
    Jam Yang lalu

    Anyone else catch Shang Tsung’s armor? Take a close look at it.

  32. The Fikkar
    The Fikkar
    Jam Yang lalu

    Waiting for this great moment...

  33. Wayne Redd2
    Wayne Redd2
    Jam Yang lalu

    Is the main character a new character for just the movie? If so, Why?? Mortal Combat has an awesome storyline. No need for any new characters

  34. Travis Furness
    Travis Furness
    Jam Yang lalu

    Now we need terminator and Rambo and robocop

  35. GodxAries
    Jam Yang lalu

    I’m hoping Ed’s version of “get over here” is added to the actual movie and that this was just a fake out.

  36. chacka36
    Jam Yang lalu

    Mortal combat no tiene nada de mortal combat ..!!😔

  37. Its Gerrit! :D
    Its Gerrit! :D
    Jam Yang lalu

    Scorpion vs Sub Zero Winner: 2:25

  38. vonboy26
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  39. Starboy
    Jam Yang lalu

    Mortal kombat is back again...😎🥳😱

  40. Morgan Hunter
    Morgan Hunter
    Jam Yang lalu

    Scorpion is saving Cole Young from Sub Zero. Family confirmed

  41. Abi
    Jam Yang lalu

    Wah , Joe Taslim

  42. Inovator Not Imitator
    Inovator Not Imitator
    Jam Yang lalu

    I am sub zero

  43. Saint Diego
    Saint Diego
    Jam Yang lalu

    Kabal @ 1:50

  44. Ismawardi Yusfa
    Ismawardi Yusfa
    Jam Yang lalu

    There's no chun-li

  45. Jesse Sanderson
    Jesse Sanderson
    Jam Yang lalu

    If they dont put Johnny cage in it ima freak out

  46. Saint Diego
    Saint Diego
    Jam Yang lalu

    Chameleon at 0:53

  47. Co Co
    Co Co
    Jam Yang lalu

    I love the games but when it comes to films on games 9 times out of 10 they flop

  48. Quinzha
    Jam Yang lalu

    indonesia bravo

  49. Dr. Titora Prime
    Dr. Titora Prime
    Jam Yang lalu

    "It's movie about a video game" "What do u mean" "Not TODAY: Marvel vs DC fans"

  50. Zee Feaver
    Zee Feaver
    Jam Yang lalu

    I'm so glad Steve Harvey found work after being disarmed by Family Feud

  51. nika chapidze
    nika chapidze
    Jam Yang lalu

    But still 90th trailers are still best. The worst "GET OWER HERE"

  52. J M
    J M
    Jam Yang lalu

    Don't like scorpions outfit looks crappy sub-zero looks cool.

  53. Vitalya Croft
    Vitalya Croft
    2 jam yang lalu


  54. Yuh Mayeng
    Yuh Mayeng
    2 jam yang lalu


  55. Bayu Ario Bimo
    Bayu Ario Bimo
    2 jam yang lalu


  56. Claude 360
    Claude 360
    2 jam yang lalu

    why a day after my birthday?

  57. adri enne
    adri enne
    2 jam yang lalu

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  58. Yiğit dan Crow
    Yiğit dan Crow
    2 jam yang lalu


  59. Super Hero
    Super Hero
    2 jam yang lalu

    Joe Taslim 😎 Sub Zero

  60. jackielove123
    2 jam yang lalu

    Mannnnn I’m bummed about mileena I want more teeth

  61. IRFAANBAJI 786
    2 jam yang lalu

    When Sub-zero said " I am Sub-zero" I literally had the chills

  62. 7bimbim
    2 jam yang lalu

    Subzero only need rotate like 10-30 degree rather than 360 degree to stab scorpion

  63. si PENDEKAR
    2 jam yang lalu

    JOE TASLIM!!!!

  64. ILHAM
    2 jam yang lalu

    Tim joe like 👇

  65. 7DSCYS
    2 jam yang lalu

    Mortal combat movies couldn't beat in game movies.

  66. Muhammad Farel
    Muhammad Farel
    2 jam yang lalu

    wadoo keren bangett

  67. YT AllContent
    YT AllContent
    2 jam yang lalu


  68. Ramin Qasimov
    Ramin Qasimov
    2 jam yang lalu

    scorpion wins

  69. Quinn Culhane
    Quinn Culhane
    2 jam yang lalu

    You spelled combat wrong

  70. A.L channel
    A.L channel
    2 jam yang lalu


  71. Arttur Cassol
    Arttur Cassol
    2 jam yang lalu

    Well ... you know ... Brazil is hot asf***... not the best weather for subzero i guess...

  72. NuNov Gaming
    NuNov Gaming
    3 jam yang lalu

    Ayo pak jota kalahkan scorpion :-)

  73. billy22oenix
    3 jam yang lalu

    "Get Over There" . . . .

  74. Wizards of Script
    Wizards of Script
    3 jam yang lalu

    The birthmark is actually a branding that was placed on Cole Young by Goro, to seal away his hidden powers. Because it turns out that Cole Young is actually Kintaro! And somewhere in the movie he will figure out his origin and sprout out another set of arms and fight Goro to fulfil his blah blah destiny. Come on we all want to see a Goro vs Kintaro fight and this movie is another chance to see it happen.

  75. Aditya Sarwono
    Aditya Sarwono
    3 jam yang lalu

    Really hope this would finally bring justice to Mortal Kombat. The trailer looks promising

  76. Rusrem Restemov
    Rusrem Restemov
    3 jam yang lalu

    Чет кажись параша будет)

  77. Шевкунов Кирилл.
    Шевкунов Кирилл.
    3 jam yang lalu

    Кто играл в мортол комбат и теперь собирается посмотреть фильм?

  78. zenon herrera
    zenon herrera
    3 jam yang lalu

    This movie will get a lot of hype for sure. I just hope it does not become another entry in the ever growing list of epic fails when it comes to rebooted greats. The first Mortal Kombat movie back in the 90's was without a doubt a great movie, and one that is still worth re-watching from time to time. Then came Mortal Kombat Annihilation, which in my onion goes down as a huge fail. It failed to bring back actors which filled in key roles perfectly in the first movie, the story line I though was just awful with much unneeded content. I'm a MK fan, I have high hopes for this movie, with that said, achieving equal footing with the first movie from the 90's is going to be a tall order... let alone even attempting to surpass it.

  79. Gabriel Shaw
    Gabriel Shaw
    3 jam yang lalu

    What the fireball was that!? Scorpion whisper the famous line like it was a secret, put some Digital Dolby Surround sound into that voice and GET OVER HERE!!!

  80. LetsTalkFrankly
    3 jam yang lalu

    1:36 Mileena looks like Michelle Rodriguez a lil' bit here 🤭

  81. 賴弘蓬
    3 jam yang lalu

    your soul is mine

  82. Arjun Dutt
    Arjun Dutt
    3 jam yang lalu

    why is scorpion like this yuk

  83. ridwan maulana
    ridwan maulana
    3 jam yang lalu

    netizen indonesia do your magic

  84. Jordan Mozzanica
    Jordan Mozzanica
    3 jam yang lalu

    Where is Johnny Cage?

  85. Giraffe Guy Studios
    Giraffe Guy Studios
    3 jam yang lalu

    Oh snap

  86. Joan X Gaming
    Joan X Gaming
    3 jam yang lalu

    Joe taslim indonesia

    3 jam yang lalu

    Who is the main character actually? Liu Kang or Cole Young

  88. Naufal Ilham M
    Naufal Ilham M
    3 jam yang lalu

    Joe Taslim🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  89. Lam Tung Nguyen
    Lam Tung Nguyen
    3 jam yang lalu

    Get over here nghe phèn ỉaaaa

  90. Abdallah Dandashli
    Abdallah Dandashli
    3 jam yang lalu

    shouldnt have watched this while eating

  91. Pia palopo Luwu toddo puli
    Pia palopo Luwu toddo puli
    3 jam yang lalu

    Jor taslim from indonesian

  92. Cameron McEwen
    Cameron McEwen
    3 jam yang lalu

    Definitely seeing this in cinemas.

  93. ArshWood
    3 jam yang lalu

    *Can't say anything about how the movie will turn out to be but but but the CGI & VFX seems like the best ever in the Mortal Kombat franchise*

  94. Andrew Hupp
    Andrew Hupp
    3 jam yang lalu

    I lost IQ points watching that trailer. So terrible.

  95. Wilfred Mawuko
    Wilfred Mawuko
    3 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait to watch dis Movie

  96. Alterum Bad
    Alterum Bad
    3 jam yang lalu

    Keren bet bg joe

  97. G.O.A. TY
    G.O.A. TY
    4 jam yang lalu

    The faces kinda look off, but the acting seems well done

  98. Random Guy
    Random Guy
    4 jam yang lalu

    That get over here was kinda weak

  99. Станислав Подольский
    Станислав Подольский
    4 jam yang lalu

    Я не буду смотреть МК с чернокожей Миленой. Милена это клон Китаны. Китана не чернокожая, Милена чернокожая. Вы там ебанулись совсем? Ой всё

  100. Ivan Brittmejer
    Ivan Brittmejer
    4 jam yang lalu

    This movie will fail

    1. Ivan Brittmejer
      Ivan Brittmejer
      3 jam yang lalu

      @lolgamerboybro YT Exactly who cares....

    2. lolgamerboybro YT
      lolgamerboybro YT
      4 jam yang lalu

      Ok who cares, people still gonna watch it