$6000 CLEAN Water Cooled Asus RTX 3090 Gaming PC! w/ Benchmarks

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$6000 CLEAN Water Cooled Asus RTX 3090 Gaming PC! w/ Benchmarks. Today we built a custom water cooled gaming pc build inside of the cooler master masterframe 700 case. We used the Asus EKWB RTX 3090 paired with the Asus Maximus XII Formula motherboard and Intel Core i9 10900k CPU to get some amazing gaming benchmarks in this pc build time lapse. The water cooling from bitspower kept this custom gaming pc nice and cool!
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► SPECS: ◄
Asus EKWB RTX 3090 GPU
Asus ROG Maximus XII Formula Motherboard: amzn.to/3cIZCBB
Cooler Master MF120 Prismatic Fans: amzn.to/3liCCwT
Cooler Master Masterframe 700: amzn.to/30GDvpE
Cooler Master V850 PSU: amzn.to/3tisyXK
Intel Core i9 10900k CPU: amzn.to/3cxGcPE
G.Skill Trident Z Royal RAM: amzn.to/3vpfHF1
Seagate FireCuda 510 1tb m.2: amzn.to/38CvKpf
Bitspower CPU Block: amzn.to/3cv0PvT
Touchaqua 360 Radiator: amzn.to/3t9snhg
Cooler Master Vertical GPU Holder: amzn.to/3eB4A5D
Bitspower Reservoir: amzn.to/3vodB8k
Bitspower Gold DDC Pump Cover: amzn.to/3bKaNKV
Bitspower Premium Reservoir Clamps: amzn.to/30FWel5
Bitspower Fittings: amzn.to/38BveaV
Extension Cables: amzn.to/3voMutC
Tubes: amzn.to/3vpDK6v
Acrylic: amzn.to/3ct1gqz
Paint: amzn.to/3qRftmE

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    The only flaw I found... is the riser ribbon cable for the vertical mount that you chose... is pcie 3.0... and you went with a 3090 which supports 4.0... and a $650 motherboard that doesnt support 4.0

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    1. Designs By IFR
      Designs By IFR
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      IDpic puts them Automatically

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